How to prepare your house for the years to come?

Whether we wan't to believe it or not, we are growing older every day. Do you know how to take the proper steps in making sure your house, a loved one or even yourself is prepared? 

Tip 1: Assess The Home

Assess The Home: 

Ever year nearly 250,000 people visit the emergency room because of injuries suffered while in the bathroom. People 85 and over suffer more than half of their bathroom injuries while closest to the toilet. Make sure you know where dangerous places around your home are located and take the proper steps in making those places safer. 

 Pro tip: This is a good time to talk to a Dahl Medical Supply Home Evaluator to discover places around the home that could possible to dangerous to you or a loved one.



Understand Your Limitations

Understand You Limitations:

Now that you have assessed your home, make sure you understand your limitations as you or a loved one get's older. Places such as the bathroom, stairs & kitchen can be extremely difficult to negotiate as people age. Understanding your limitations just might help you stay in the place you call home for a longer period of time. 




Home Safety

Home Safety & Proper Safety Guards

Staying at home is not just more comfortable for some seniors, but it may also make economic sense. However, as we get older even the most basic daily routines become difficult and at time treacherous. That's why home safety & proper safety guards around the house can keep individuals living independent for longer periods of time. 

A few simple safety tips:

1. Remove hazards around the house (example: 
    • Move furniture & electrical cords from areas you frequently walk through.
    • Use hallway & bathroom nightlights
    • Remove rugs that can cause you to trip or fall.


    2. Make the bathroom safer
    • Make sure to have grab bars installed.
    • Use nonskid bathmats both inside the shower/tub and outside of the tub.
    • Use shower chairs and bath safety bars to prevent slips & falls.
    • Use extend shower hoses.
    • Make sure the bathroom is well lit and clutter is removed from all pathways. 


    Keep Life Simple


    Keep Life Simple

    It's easier said than done but keeping your life simple can help prepare for what's next in life. 


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