Compression Wear

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Graduated compression hosiery is the most effective in preventing edema or swelling. It also alleviates leg pain and heaviness and contributes to prevent spider veins or varicose veins. It reduces the risk of acute conditions during long distance travel by increasing circulation and the function of the venous system.  When you discover the benefits and comfort of compression stockings during travel, you may want to continue wearing them for years after, and your legs will thank you for their improved health.

Heavy legs, feeling of swelling and leg pain

A feeling of discomfort in your legs may be a sign of an underlying venous disorder. These symptoms include tired and achy legs. You may experience them especially when sitting or standing for prolonged hours. During summer time, those symptoms may increase due to the heat. These symptoms are typically associated with swollen feet and ankles (especially in the evening). As for edemas (swellings) that occur after several hours spent in transportation (airplane, car, train, bus), some easy tips will help you travel long distance with more comfort. Night cramps are seldom from venous origin. It is important to know that leg pains are not all of venous origin. It is therefore recommended to see your doctor in order for him/her to do a diagnosis and to propose the right treatment for you.

Varicose veins

Definition: Subcutaneous dilated vein 3 mm in diameter or larger, measured in upright position. May involve saphenous veins, saphenous tributaries, or nonsaphenous superficial leg veins. Varicose veins are usually tortuous, but tubular saphenous veins with demonstrated reflux may be classified as varicose veins. Synonyms include varix, varices, and varicosities.  Varicose veins are the sign of a more serious venous disease. A varicose vein is a dilated and tortuous superficial vein with defective valves. As a result, the blood in these veins flows backward. This condition is known as blood reflux. Varicose veins can be painful, or on the contrary totally painless. We can find them on the foot, the calf, the thigh or on the entire leg. If not treated, varicose veins can lead to serious complications.


Definition: Perceptible increase in volume of fluid in skin and subcutaneous tissue, characteristically intended with pressure. Venous edema usually occurs in ankle region, but may extend to leg and foot. The edema of the lower leg occurs when the blood stagnates in the superficial and/or deep veins of the leg. The capillaries can no longer play their role. Water and waste build up in the skin in the lower leg and induce a venous edema (swelling of the foot and the ankle). However, not all edemas are of venous origin. Consult your physician for proper diagnosis. Wearing compression stocking will reduce or completely eliminate the edema. The pressure required will be determined by the physician as it depends on the underlying condition.

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