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Insurance Information

A power wheelchair may be covered if the recipient has a specific medical need that cannot be met with a less costly alternative.

Power operated vehicles are covered if the recipient:

  • Meets the criteria for a mobility device
  • Does not have sufficient upper extremity function to self-propel an optimally configured manual wheelchair to perform mobility-related activities of daily living
  • Is not able to safely operate a POV or maintain postural stability and position while operating a POV
  • Has a caregiver who cannot push a manual chair, but can propel the power chair using an attendant control
  • For a recipient under age 4, has been evaluated and found to be developmentally ready to begin to operate a power chair equipped with appropriate attendant control and safeguards
  • Is able to bring the power wheelchair into the home for use and storage or if homeless, has demonstrated a plan to safely charge and store the power wheelchair.

Standard equipment includes:

  • All types of tires and wheels
  • Any back width
  • Any seat width and depth
  • Weight-specific components required by the patient-weight capacity of the wheelchair
  • Battery charger
  • Fixed swing-away or detachable footrests or foot platform, including angle adjustable footrests for group 1 or 2 power wheelchairs
  • Fixed swing-away or detachable non-adjustable armrests with arm pad
  • Fixed swing-away or detachable non-elevating leg rests with or without calf pad
  • Lap belt or safety belt
  • Non expandable controller
  • Standard integrated or remote proportional joystick
  • All labor charges involved in the assembly of the wheelchair.

Nonstandard options or accessories may include:

  • Adjustable height arm rests
  • Elevating leg rests
  • Angle adjustable footrests for group 3, 4 or 5 power wheelchairs
  • Manual fully reclining back option
  • Power tilt
  • Power recline
  • Seat elevator
  • Shoulder harness or straps or chest straps or vest
  • Skin protection seat cushions, position accessories
  • Standing feature
  • Expandable controller
  • Nonstandard joystick or alternative control device

For more information or questions if you qualify please call (612) 334-3159.


The Alante brand name continues to mean a good value, high quality and style with the all-new Alante Sport! Featuring a fun, unique two-tone shroud design, the Alante Sport will get you where you need to go in style. Featuring a full-size captain’s seat, this power chair offers a 5 year warranty on the frame, and 13 months on the drive train and electronics, to give you the confidence that the Alante Sport will take you wherever you need to go.

  • Full-size charcoal gray captain’s seat standard
  • 50 amp, PG controller standard
  • Black, non-scuffing tires with silver rims
  • Available in Red
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Impressive 25” turning radius
  • Front wheel drive with in-line motors /li>
  • Maximum speed 3.5 mph at 300 lbs.
  • Range 16.5 miles
  • Optional 20”x18” seat available
  • Model Number: GP205


The world’s lightest, most transportable and maneuverable power chair is the Golden LiteRider Envy GP162! Designed with the end-user and their caregivers in mind, the LiteRider Envy can be disassembled in just seconds to easily fit in the trunk of virtually any car. The heaviest piece weighs only 35 lbs to easily be lifted into the back of a vehicle. The LiteRider Envy offers a comfortable ride all day long, with a stadium-style seat and a generous footplate, plus bigger 22 amp hour batteries(now standard) so you can go further than ever before! When you’re looking for a compact power chair that’s easy to transport and fun to drive, look no further than the Golden LiteRider Envy!

  • Unique, under seat storage basket standard
  • Tubular frame design
  • Colors: Red or Blue
  • Comfortable, full size stadium style seat
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Two 22Ah batteries (Now Standard)
  • Operating Range: Up to 15.5 miles
  • Ground Clearance: 2.5″
  • Turning Radius: 26″
  • Top speed: 3.5 mph


Golden’s most popular power wheelchair!

The Golden Compass Sport GP605 comes standard with the new Dynamic Linx controller! The Dynamic Linx provides a better ride experience using Dynamic’s patented Dynamic Load Compensation technology. Dynamic Load Compensation allows the electronics to control the speed of the motors so the chair behaves the way the client expects, making driving simpler and a more natural experience. This unique technology also makes the ride independent of the terrain or environment by continuously making small adjustments depending on the driving conditions, such as hills, speed and rider weight.

  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Improved battery range of 19.5 miles
  • Available in Red
  • Turning radius 19.5”
  • Dynamic Linx Smart Controller (40 amp)
  • Side-mounted charging port
  • Adjustable-depth seat
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Armrest height, width and angle adjustable


he Golden Compass HD offers you a stable, center-wheel-drive platform and an articulating chassis for stability over tough terrain. A bigger, beefier version of the popular Compass Sport, the Compass HD has a 450 lb. weight capacity, yet a modest 20-inch turning radius. It comes standard with a captain’s seat and our exclusive fold-flat seat hinge design for easy transport. The Compass HD features front and rear height-adjustable seat posts, padded flip-up armrests, an easy-to-use sliding seat bracket and a fully adjustable footplate. With this lineup of features, the Golden Compass HD can take you to places you could only imagine!

  • Standard captain’s seat with our exclusive fold-flat seat hinge design
  • Optional seating includes ProFlex Seat and van/pan seat
  • Exclusive slide seat mechanism for easy seat removal and attachment
  • 450 lb. weight capacity
  • Adjustable head rest and armrests
  • 75 amp peak Dynamic Shark controller standard
  • Off-board charger
  • Accessories available: elevating leg rests, specialty leg supports, swing-away footrests, footplate extender
  • Uses 22NF batteries
  • Model Number: GP620

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