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DynaFlange Orthotic Support

by Apex
SKU DynaFlange-A

About DynaFlange®

Engineered with a patented cantilever flange – the only orthotic insert on the market to have one – the DynaFlange® is designed to absorb shock, support an energy-efficient gait and adapt to your unique posture. With each step you take, the DynaFlange absorbs and stores the impact forces created when the foot strikes the ground, which reduces the impact on your ankles, knees and hips. When stepping forward, this stored energy is then released as you push off the ground, creating a more energy-efficient gait while helping to reduce fatigue. But the DynaFlange doesn’t just work when you’re walking or running, it also works while you’re standing still: the cantilever spring deforms when bearing weight so your feet don’t have to.

How it Works

With its patented cantilever flange, the DynaFlange functions a lot like the shock absorbers you find in a car. In a car, the shock absorbers are designed to compress and deform when you run over a bump or pothole, or when you place a heavy load in the car. Since this one component in your car is engineered specifically to compress and deform with bumps and added weight, the rest of the structural components of the car aren’t stressed. This means you not only get a much more comfortable ride, but your car is also protected from wear and tear.

With the DynaFlange, the same thing happens with each step you take – the cantilever flange absorbs the shock of your heel impacting the ground, keeping it away from joints like your knees, hips and lower back while protecting those joints from wear and tear. Even when you’re standing still, the DynaFlange compresses and deforms to ensure a balanced weight distribution.


  • Patented cantilever flange absorbs shock while increasing comfort.
  • It improves stability through all phases of the gait cycle.
  • Supports improved posture while standing, walking or running.
  • Promotes an energy-efficient gait.
  • Innovative design works for any gait, from supination to severe overpronation.

Additional Details

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Shipping/Returns: Free 5-7 day shipping. Free 30 day return policy.