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Pride Jazzy Air 2

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Pride Jazzy Air 2

Engineered for a new era of seat elevation.

It’s time to take your mobility experience to the next level. What does that mean, exactly? Let the Jazzy Air® MED explain.

In the literal sense, this dynamic power wheelchair elevates up to 12 inches. But what you can accomplish with that extra foot of height can elevate you far more than that.

Activities of daily living become much more manageable with the Jazzy Air MED. Countertops, kitchen sinks, and other surfaces are well within reach. And transferring to your bed, sofa, or other chair is easier than ever.

That’s what it means to elevate your life. To get started, consult with your doctor or health care provider to see if this medical device is right for





Jazzy Air® MED

Weight Capacity

300 lbs.

Maximum Speed1

Up to 3.71 mph

Ground Clearance2

0.98" at motor bracket

Turning Radius2


Overall Size2,6

Length: 41.54"

Width: 23.25"

Drive Wheels

10", Flat free

Caster Wheels

6", Flat free


Active-Trac® with Mid-Wheel 6® Technology


Up to 13 miles at 300 lbs.

Up to 14.1 miles at 220 lbs.

Dark Slate Gray Pride Jazzy Air 2
Dahl Medical

Pride Jazzy Air 2

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