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Benefits of Using A Knee Walker

Benefits-of-Using-A-Knee-Walker Dahl Medical

Dan Steffes |

A knee walker, also known as a knee scooter or knee roller, is a mobility aid that can provide several benefits for individuals who have a foot or ankle injury or are recovering from foot or ankle surgery. Some of the benefits of using a knee walker include:

  1. Increased mobility: A knee walker allows individuals to move around more easily and with less pain than traditional crutches.

  2. Improved safety: Knee walkers are generally more stable and secure than crutches, reducing the risk of falls and further injury.

  3. Greater independence: With a knee walker, individuals can perform daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping with greater ease and independence.

  4. Reduced pain and discomfort: Knee walkers can help to reduce pain and discomfort by taking pressure off the foot or ankle and distributing weight more evenly.

  5. Faster recovery: Using a knee walker can help individuals recover from foot or ankle surgery or injury more quickly by allowing them to stay mobile and active while their injury heals.

Overall, a knee walker can provide a convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional crutches, allowing individuals to maintain their mobility and independence while recovering from a foot or ankle injury or surgery. 

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