Full Size Scooters

Golden Technologies is proud to offer the next generation of Companion scooters — the most advanced scooters available today! These three models have more standard features than any other scooter: a Delta tiller for comfortable hand placement with easy-to-use forward and reverse levers on long trips; our exclusive LiquiCell™ comfort-equipped seat that features six liquid-filled pads to reduce shear and improve comfort hour after hour, day after day; a bright, adjustable LED headlight conveniently placed at the bottom of the tiller to illuminate your path on the darkest of evenings; an instructional DVD packed with every unit so that you can easily understand every aspect of your new Companion scooter; and an easy-to-understand, under-the-carpet troubleshooting guide.

Golden Technologies


$ 1,889.00

MODEL: GC340The Companion GC-340 scooter offers more legroom and foot room with a wider front deck and a stylish new design. New features include easy disassembly; an adjustable LED headlight;...

Golden Technologies


$ 1,898.00

MODEL: GC440The Companion GC-440 four-wheel scooter offers the most leg room and foot room in its class with a modern, rugged design. With 10-inch tires on the front and rear,...