to receive diabetic shoes as part of your diabetes management plan. Please click on the BUTTON below to print off the required documentation needed per the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. Below is a list of the required information needed before you are eligible to be fitted for diabetic shoes.

  • Statement of Certifying Physician - Signed via MD or DO only
  • Prescription signed and dated for Diabetic Shoes and Inserts by - DPM, MD, DO, PA NP or CNS who performed the Foot Exam
  • Diabetes Management Exam Note - Signed and dated by MD or DO only within the last 6 months.
  • This process can be complicated so please call (612) 334-3159 with questions.
  • Dahl Medical has a team of shoe fitters ready to make home visits.

Diabetic Shoes

Are you diabetic? Dahl Medical is a leading provider in Minnesota of diabetic & therapeutic comfort shoes. We offer the benefit of in-home fittings, consultations, and delivery of inserts and shoes that fit properly. DID YOU KNOW that Medicare, UCare, Medica & Minnesota Medical Assistance all cover diabetic shoes and inserts at little or no cost to you? With a prescription from your doctor, diabetic shoes are typically covered by health insurance on an annual basis. *Deductibles and Co-Payments may apply. We will pre-qualify you. CALL (612) 334-3159 WITH ANY QUESTIONS

  • Sale -31% 3 Pairs of Custom Inserts

    3 Pairs of Custom Inserts

    10 in stock

    Hand-crafted by our lab staff and based on the exact contours of a patient's feet, our Custom Accommodative Inserts allow for maximum foot support, total contact, and enhanced stabilization. Moreover, our custom inserts can be used to isolate and contact, and enhanced stabilization. Moreover, our custom inserts can be used to isolate and individually treat any particular irregularity that a patient's feet may have. Step 1: Order Custom Insert Foam Impression Box Step 2: Make an impression with your feet with our at-home Foam Impression Box Step 3: Mail back Foam Impression Box Step 4: Recieve brand new Custom Accommodative Inserts for all-day comfort!

    10 in stock


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Dahl Medical Supply

For more information about Dahl Medical Supply, please call (612) 334-3159

  • Phone: (612) 334-3159
  • Fax: (612) 334-9646
  • Please email with any questions


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