Thoughts with Dan

  • by Dan Steffes
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Thoughts with Dan

Hello and welcome to Thoughts with Dan, a new blog idea we came up with (mostly me) where I share a few thoughts on different items we carry at Dahl Medical Supply and also post videos for those products.

Let me first state that all of my "Thoughts with Dan" are my opinions only and please take that with a grain of salt when I review a product or manufacturer line of equipment.  I personally try each product before reviewing (in the case of female products, I'm not able) but please understand, I will give an honest opinion and help all Dahl Medical Supply customers and patients in the Minneapolis region with honest thoughts and reviews. 

Our first review will be of the Anodyne Men's No.90 Trail Walker - Oil Black.

Please come back on 11/30/22 for this video & blog review. 

Happy Thanksgiving, 

Dan & Dahl Medical Supply

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