Diabetic Shoe FAQ

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to receive diabetic shoes as part of you diabetes management plan. Please click on the BUTTON below to print off the required documentation per the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. Below is a list of required information need before you are eligable to be fitted for shoes.

  • Statement of Certifying Physician - Signed via MD or DO only
  • Prescription signed and dated for Diabetic Shoes and Inserts by - DPM, MD, DO, PA NP or CNS who performed the Foot Exam
  • Diabetes Management Exam Note - Signed and dated by MD or DO only within the last 6 months.
  • This process can be complicated so please call (612) 334-3159 with questions.
  • Dahl Medical has a team of shoe fitters ready to make home visits.

Diabetic Shoe FAQ

How Much Do Diabetic Shoe Cost?

Typically through insurance, no cost! Medicare and most insurance companies will pay for one pair of diabetic shoes and three custom molded inserts per calendar year. On January 1st of every year, you will be eligible for another pair of shoes. If out of pocket (Cash or Credit) shoes range between $100.00 - $189.00 depending on the shoe (boots are more expensive). 

I Have Private Insurance, Will My Insurance Cover The Cost?

That's a loaded question (Sorry)!Hopefully,but its best to call and talk with one of our billing experts at: (612) 334-3159.

My Feet Are Wider Than Most. Can You Help Me?

100% Yes!  We have carry multiple manufactures (Apex, Anodyne, Dr.Comfort & OrthoFeet) that have extra wide shoes available. 

Do You Measure My Feet For These Shoes?

Yes, we have team of experts at our store in Downtown Minneapolis or outside fitters that visit houses or other locations so we can fit you properly. Schedule a fitting today by calling (612) 334-3159.  

How Can I Get A Prescription For Diabetic Shoes?

Please click the link here and print the online prescription and send or visit your primary doctor and have them fill the Rx out. 

Are Diabetic Socks Covered?

Unfortunately, no. However, we have the best deals anyplace online!Click Hereto view our diabetic socks.

Can I Sample The Shoes?

YES! We have every single shoe available in our store location at:

154 Cobblestone Ln. | Burnsville, MN 55337

Need A Catalog Mailed?

We are happy to mail you a shoe catalog and Prescription form. Please fill out the informatoin below and check your mail box (please allow for 3-7 days) for mailing

Send us a message!

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