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Sometimes situations arise when you or a loved one may need to utilize hospital equipment such as a hospital bed, a wheelchair, a scooter or even a patient lift. In more temporary cases such as injury or following a surgery, a rental of such equipment might make sense. 

Maybe a wheelchair ramp for guests coming would be nice, or a scooter to better enjoy summer events - you can rent medical equipment from Dahl Medical Supply! 

As Minnesota #1 Medical Rental Equipment Company, call (612) 334-3159 or click on the products below for short and long term use of our equipment. 

Dahl Medical Supply: (612) 334-3159 Minnesota #1 Medical Rental Company

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Discover the Convenience of renting Medical Equipment for short and long term needs from the #1 Medical Rental Company in Minnesota - Dahl Medical Supply.

Please fill out this form or call (612) 334-159 for more information about our rental products and how we can help you better.

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