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Why Pride Recliners

For the ultimate in style & performance®, choose America’s #1 lift chair! Pride Power Lift Recliners are the first choice for lift chairs for elderly individuals or adults who need stand-assist recliners. Pride offers an array of stylish and contemporary lift chairs that are available in eye-catching fabrics. Enjoy superior performance and easy operation. Learn more about why Pride electric recliners make Pride Mobility Products the first name in mobility.

Breaktrough Technology - Power Lift Recliners, VivaLift!
Breakthrough Technology

Pride’s lift chairs are equipped with innovative, state-of-the-art technology that meets your comfort needs. VivaLift! Power Recliners feature a power headrest and power lumbar for a truly relaxing experience. Discover how VivaLift Power Recliners can elevate your lifestyle!

Reliable Performance, Power Lift Recliners, Heritage Collection
The Ultimate in Style & Performance®

There is a reason why the Heritage Collection is the #1 selling collection for Pride Lift Chairs. The durable, all-steel lift frame is backed by a lifetime warranty and delivers quiet and smooth operation. Discover why the Heritage Collection has the perfect lift recliners for elderly individuals.

Maximum Comfort, Power Lift Recliners, Oasis Collection
Maximum Comfort

Experience customizable comfort at the touch of a button with the Elegance Collection! Stretch out comfortably with the footrest extension and enjoy total peace of mind with the lithium battery backup. Learn more about the Elegance Collection!

Luxurious Fabrics - Power Lift Recliners, Infinity Collection
Luxurious Fabrics

Pride’s power recliners offer plush, smooth fabrics that exude style and class. The VivaLift! Ultra lift chairs are available in the leather-like Capriccio fabric option. Sink into luxury and comfort with style. See more about VivaLift! Ultra plus the full range of our superb fabric selections.

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