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How to Care for Diabetic Footwear

Shoe & Insert Break-In Period 

• Wear your new diabetic footwear and inserts for 1-2 hours in your home, preferably on carpeted surfaces. 

• Inspect your feet for any redness. 

• If redness persists, consult your shoe fitting and/or health care professional. 

• If no redness appears, wear your shoes around your home for one to two days while periodically checking your feet for redness or uncomfortable rubbing. 

• If they are comfortable, they are ready to be worn outside! 

Cleaning & Polishing Leather Shoes 

• Leather shoes should be regularly cleaned and polished. 

• First, remove any dust or dirt with a damp cloth or soft brush. 

• Cream-based polish is recommended.

 • Apply shoe polish with a clean, dry cloth or soft brush. 

• Allow polish to dry and brush to finish using a soft brush and/or buffing cloth. 

• Follow the shoe polish manufacturer’s directions.

 • Do not machine wash. 

Cleaning & Caring for Nubuck/Suede Shoes 

• Use All Protector or suede cleaner for shoes. 

• Remove any dust or dirt with a soft suede brush or cloth.

• Do not machine wash. 

Cleaning & Caring for Stretch, Lycra, Athletics, Knits, Canvas and Wool Blend Shoes 

• Remove dust or dirt with a soft cloth dampened with well-diluted mild soap and water. 

• Allow to dry naturally. 

• Do not machine wash. 

Cleaning & Care Instructions for Oiled Leather Shoes

 • Small creases and scuffs in leather can be rubbed out using fingers. 

• Oil in leather will cause it to lighten over time. • Leather is water resistant, but shoes are not waterproof. 

• Remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth. 

• Do not machine wash.


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