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Diabetic Shoe Break-In Instructions

Diabetic-Shoe-Break-In-Instructions Dahl Medical

Dan Steffes |

Just like most other shoes, you will want to take some time to break in your new shoes before wearing full time. Here are our instructions:

- In the comfort of your own home, put your shoes on and walk around for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

- After the short wear, remove your shoes and socks, and examine your feet to make sure there are no signs of irritation, redness or dark spots.

- Wear your shoes indoors a few hours a day over the next couple days, while continually checking your feet for signs of irritation.

- Once you feel comfortable that your new shoes aren’t causing any issues, go ahead and begin wearing them outside, full-time.

- It is very important to continue to perform daily exams on your feet during and after the break-in process.

In the event that there is ever any irritation, redness, or darks spots on your feet during or after the break-in process, discontinue wear of your shoes and contact your foot care specialist immediately. If you’re a Medicare beneficiary, you may have received three pairs of heat moldable or custom inserts to last you the year. Thus, your inserts should be swapped out every four months.