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Why You Should Wear Slippers

Why-You-Should-Wear-Slippers Dahl Medical

Dan Steffes |

No matter the occasion, type of weather, or time of year, wearing comfortable, proper-fitting footwear isn't an option - it's a necessity. 

Even when indoors, it's incredibly important to have the appropriate slippers on. Being barefoot is not an option. Something as simple as stubbing your toe or stepping on a random something can potentially lead to serious foot complications. 

Anodyne & Dr.Comfort slippers are meticulously designed with the diabetic end-user in mind. For all your indoor & outdoor adventures or lack thereof, Dahl Medical Supply has a selection of diabetic and therapeutic slippers for you. 

As a diabetic, keeping your feet protected, safe, and accommodated is critical. Whether you're on concrete or carpet, walk at ease, knowing your feet are safe, sound, and most importantly, extremely comfortable. 

 Anodyne Men's No.34

Anodyne Men's N0.34 Diabetic Slipper

Apex Footwear Basis (Unisex) Slipper

Apex Unisex Slipper

Dr.Comfort Men's Vista (Indoor/Outdoor) Slipper

Dr.Comfort Vista Indoor/Outdoor Slipper

Anodyne Women's No.21 Slipper

Anodyne Women's No.21 Diabetic Slipper

Dr.Comfort Women's Bonita (Indoor/Outdoor) Slipper

Dr.Comfort Women's Bonita Slipper