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Brian X Double Depth - Black


Looking for added comfort and accommodation? Try our men's double depth Brian X shoe which features a breathable and stretchable Lycra® upper with leather trim and a contact closure. The double depth design is built 1/4 inch deeper to accommodate extra volume for severe edema, internal braces, and AFOs. Available in Acorn, and Black.

Explore The Features

Removable Insoles Adjustable Fit Closure Protective Toe Box
Footbeds can be removed to accommodate your own orthotics. Adjustable contact closure allows for easy adjust-ability and personalized comfort.  The extra width and depth in toe-box and forefoot reduces pressure on feet and prevents toe stubbing.
Supportive Insoles Double Depth Lightweight Construction
Removable insole features a supportive polyurethane layer, gel pods in the forefoot and heel and polyethylene cushioning from heel to toe. Built 1/4 inch deepr to accommodate extra volume for severe edema Manufactured to stringent medical grade specifications, the lightweight outer sole is long lasting, light and has a non-skid finish.

    Dr.Comfort Brian Diabetic Shoe |

    Size & Width

    Width Size
    • Medium (B/C/D)
    6 - 12,13,14,15
    • Wide (E/EE)
    6 - 12,13,14,15
    • Extra Wide (EEE/EEEE)
    6 - 12,13,14,15


    Dr.Comfort Brian-X Helps With The Below Foot Problems

    Product Care

    Dr.Comfort suggest that you start with a washcloth, use a small amount of mild soap, Woolite, and water. Air dry. Can use a baby wipe if shoe has first been sprayed with a fabric protector. Do not machine wash.


    To receive medicare coverage, all eligible reimbursement items must be ordered through a provider such as Dahl Medical Supply.

    Medicare allows one pair of extra-depth shoes per calendar year. For qualifying patients, Medicare will also cover three pairs of inserts each calendar year. Some shoe modifications and custom inserts are also covered but would replace a pair of inserts.


    Gel Inserts

    Gel insoles come standard in Dr. Comfort shoes. The inserts provide comfort and stability, shock absorption and additional support for individuals with medical conditions like arthritis and diabetes. Click here to buy

    Dr.Comfort Gel Inserts (Pair) |


    Understanding Diabetes

    Diabetes can cause nerve damage and poor circulation that can be hazardous to your feet. Wearing extra width and depth shoes can help alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, or hammer toes for a more comfortable fit. With extra room to accommodate custom orthotics, our supportive shoes are specially designed to help protect your feet, reduce the risk of skin irritation, provide stability, and deliver comfort.