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Rest-Q Mattress



About the Rest-Q Mattress

The Rest-Q Mattress from Comfortex is perfect for those who spend long periods of time in bed, the Rest-Q Mattress offers pressure redistribution for increased comfort and to help prevent pressure sores. The mattress features multiple levels, each of which are constructed to provide adequate support and cushion to various areas of your body. The mattress has been engineered to maximize your comfort and give you the exact support that you need.

Features :

  • Vapor proof, shear reducing top cover is the nation's most durable fabric used in healthcare. Other fabric tend to fade, crack and can lead to core contamination
  • Highly resilient top cushion conforms and responds to body contours and bony prominences. It provides long-lasting and much-appareciated comfort.  
  • Upper torso support rests beneath the top layer to support the back and shoulders. 
  • Embedded within the core are supportive sections under the hips and shoulders. Between these support sections is a soft, pressure absorbing strip to helpt bridge the patient's pressure-sensitive areas along the spinal column and sacrum. When side-lying, the trochanter rest bridged, over the center strip. 
  • Extra support is focused beneath the hips providing the right blend of comfort and support where the majority of the weight is concentrated. 
  • The firm base layer ensures that heavier patients remain supported without bottoming out. 
  • Heel suspension system supports the lower legs along the horizon of the mattress while allowing sensitive heels to float, virtually suspended. 
  • Ultra firm perimeter support facilitates safer, more secure transfers and prevents edge-of-bed collapse and side rail entrapment. Defined perimeter SeCure Edge is optional.  

For hygienic reasons, this item is non-returnable. Mattresses are non-returnable because they cannot be reused or sold as new.